Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I was listening to a lot of Lupe Fiasco today, both while driving and while out jogging (good music for both), and this song really stood out for me. I'll embed it here first before I elaborate further (Buzz readers, that means going to the original post, sorry).

I will admit that I got into hip hop relatively late as opposed to most fans of the genre; while I was busy trying to catch up with every new "reinvention" of the indie-rock scene, I'd been oblivious to the sheer amount of quality coming from this unfairly ignored (on my part) wellspring. Everyone from OutKast to the Wu Tang Clan and their subsequent solo works (except Ghostface, I loved his shit immediately upon first listen), to Kanye, T.I., Clipse, The Game, Jay-Z, Bun B, Lil Wayne (say no more, of course I know Lil Wayne, he's everywhere). Even cross-over artists and acts like Q-Tip and Mos Def, wow. Mos Def is the man. I can see why he was, and is still, considered as a class rap act. So, having listened to all of this stuff, naturally I want to hear more. If you guys have any suggestions on who I should listen to, sound off!

Anyway, Little Weapon by Lupe. Here's the thing I love about this song, and so many others from The Cool and Food & Liquor: his imagery, in his choice and flow of words, is impeccable. I can't not see the child soldiers. I can't unsee the type of loss of innocence that he's singing about. Not to mention the fact that the guy's voice and choice of beats is just undeniably infectious. Even when he's rapping about something as vile and unfortunate as the song's subject matter, it is fucking catchy as hell. Now play that song again. See what I mean?

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