Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have to say, the new post editor is quite nifty. Not too much of a departure from the old one, and it'll take a few posts to get through the idiosyncrasies of the new editor, but for now, I'm fine with the way it works.
Have you guys heard the new Yeasayer, Odd Blood? It's miles above what they achieved with their first album, All Hours Cymbals. Here's the thing about their first album: while I absolutely loved it, I felt that they were kind of withholding in terms of sonic "oomph." Now, I'm not saying that sparse arrangements and minimalist tunes aren't my thing; anyone who goes through whatever I've posted here should know by now that I will listen to just about everything. And far be it for me to say that AHC was a minimalist album, because it wasn't. My point is that I knew they were capable of so much more, and their live performances of songs like Tightrope and 2080 certainly indicated that (and once you've heard the Yeah, Yeah!! from 2080, you know it'll never leave your head, nor would you want it to).

All of which brings me to say how I feel about Odd Blood: it's fucking phenomenal. This is the kind of leap and evolution in style that makes a sophomore album sound like the real fucking deal. It's similar to how Of Montreal went from The Gay Parade to Satanic Panic in the Attic, how Phoenix went from Alphabetical and United to It's Never Been Like That to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, how Kings of Leon went from Youth and Young Manhood to Because Of The Times, how fucking RHCP somehow took a giant leap of faith to make By The Way (or as my sister would say, how she felt when she heard The Shins' third album). They sound like a band that's fully assured of themselves, and the trademark vocal harmonies evident in AHC fit just as well in this album. Of course, some bands just sound consistently amazing from album to album (Wilco, The New Pornographers, Spoon? Not so much.), but some need more time to settle into a groove that fits and grow from there, but I digress.

Here are a couple of songs gleaned from the youtubes just because.

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