Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well! I'm just writing here to remind you that I'm still around. I just witnessed the extremely cathartic, relieving, and utterly satisfying drubbing of ManYoo by Liverpool. Having come off of 4 straight defeats in all competitions, Rafa Benitez's back was really up against the wall to produce a result in what was arguably one of the most important matches of this season.

And what a result, indeed. 2-0 doesn't lie. Torres showing his class and caliber against a hapless and kind-of-absent Rio Ferdinand and an injury time goal by youngster Ngog really put to rest any fear that Benitez's Liverpool have lost their grip or confidence. But then again, there's still many games to go before the end of this season, so I just hope the confidence and good will that LFC gained tonight will carry them through.

If you didn't watch it, man, you've missed out. It was akin to watching a proper Cup final. Good times. To all my ManYoo supporting friends, BOO-Yah!

And now, commencing another prolonged blogging break....

Oh, yeah. I just heard the new Julian Casablancas album. I like it! I hope a new Strokes record is coming soon after.

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Darus Interferon said...

BOO-yah ManYOO

i was expecting Babel, instead of Ngog.

well, mmg obvious banyak silap Ferdinand....dah tua kot mamat tu ;p