Friday, September 25, 2009

One recurring theme this year when my family visited my mother's kampung was my parents' reminiscing about their marriage, and how it was when me and my brother were still babies and they were still doing their Masters in Scotland. The first when we were at my grandmother's house for a barbecue, and the latter when we had a visit from a certain special someone at our KB flat (special to my brother, that is). It's not often that my Dad would talk about the past, only on certain occasions or triggers: anniversaries and balik kampungs especially.

My mom and dad were married in my grandmother's house in Kelantan. His "wakil" (representative? In a looser sense of the word?) was the father of a close friend, as his own closest family was across the sea. So he was pretty much mostly on his own when he walked into the house: a lot of womenfolk from my mom's hometown sitting on the floor, awaiting the appearance of the bride, my dad walking in with (in typical Malaysian 80's fashion) long wavy hair, looking completely out of place. My mom waiting in another room to come out. He talked about how nervous he was when it came time to read all the rigmarole in jawi (Arabic letters, but Malay language).

When everything was done, he left the house, leaving my mom to wait there for him, and went back to town. He met up with his "keluarga angkat" (sort of like a foster family for those who came from far away) and had dinner with them at a hotel. (At this point I jokingly pantomimed my dad, "Hey guys! I just got married today." "That's great, kid, let's have dinner!") I'm guessing he was still really nervous at the time. I wonder how my mom felt. Probably not as fish-out-of-the-water.

1981 was a different time. My parents were 23 when they tied the knot. I personally don't see myself getting married for a while. My brother, maybe, but that's just cos he's older. But then again, who knows, right? Maybe in a couple months I'll be saying all kinds of shit that contradicts the last couple of sentences.

That's enough nostalgia for now. I have to get up early and maybe go back to campus to see if class is still on. Here's a blast from the past, courtesy of my main man, George Harrison:


fazillefrere said...

dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! selamat hari raya!!!

Ezanee said...

Thanks, pal! You too! And I apologize for responding so damn late.