Saturday, September 19, 2009

Highlights of my family's road trips back to Kelantan for raya in general (or, If you're taking the Gua Musang route, buddy, why? The road is in crap shape):

Taking turns driving the Kembara with my brother while Jasmine sits in the other car with the parents. Switching iPod music every 30 or so songs. Talking about shit in general.

Playing the Munchkin card game in our little apartment in town. I suspect my sister and dad of cheating (or I'm just crap at this game, hmm).

Hanging out and reminiscing with my uncle's family in my grandmother's old kampung house. Thinking about my own old age and where I might end up. Meeting the other relatives I'd only see this time of year and promising to see them again soon, God willing.

Joining Eid ul-Fitri prayers at the local mosque and breathing in the air in front of the Independence Field on the walk back home. Seeing the look on my mom's face whenever we come back here.

Anyway, one of the songs to end up being played is this gem from Aimee Mann. It always gives me that warm sad-happy feeling hearing anything from The Forgotten Arm, so here's a song:

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