Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hey! It's-a-me! Maaaario

What is up, True Believers. It's been a God-dang while, yes I know. I haven't even written about Liverpool's first month of the new season (not that there's too much to be optimistic about), nor about any TV shows and movies I've seen (District 9 was incroyable, as was Adventureland, which is this year's equivalent to last year's The Wackness). Also worth watching? Torchwood: Children of Earth, which reinstated my faith in good old sci-fi TV. And Michael & Michael Have Issues was a nice comedic diversion, and I finally saw the first season for Party Down, which is my new favorite tragicomedy.

What links do I want to share with you? Well, since I'm short on ideas right now, I thought I'd link you to this hilarious piece written by Steven Weber for the HuffPo. Also below is a Funny Or Die video starring Thomas Haden Church, and it's funny as hell.

Take care everyone.

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