Monday, August 10, 2009

stream of consciousness

State of mind is the key
not the place but the mentality
make the place worthy of me

(Bongos, finger snapping)

Car was jerking a couple days ago
changed the spark plugs this morning
the place was quiet, hot, desolate in an industrial setting kind of way
not the kind of place you'd want to hang out
even if you did there was nothing to do if you had no business there
had a late breakfast
the roti was greasy the way you expect it to be
in this kind of place
and it felt right

Didn't get much done at the lab today
played a lot of guitar
bitched about group assignments
fucking post grad group assignments
why bother?

table tennis, ping pong,
whatever it's called
been playing it since i got here
getting better
the guys are great
dinner almost every night
same place
same dish same drink
feels right

That's it I'll write some movie or book or music related things later. Good night!

(polite applause, smell of hash)

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