Friday, July 31, 2009

the obligatory dylan song

If you feel as if somehow you've heard these lyrics somewhere else before, that's because you probably have? Even if that weren't the case, this is a nice song to sing for a friend, and one of the nicest things to wish for anyone. This is Bob Dylan and The Band with Forever Young:


Her Name is Geek said...

Oh Ezanee with the oldies.

Puteri said...

Ezanee, i moved blog. Please update link if you still have interest to keep up with me despite my seasonal bloggings, hehe..

- Puteri.

Ezanee said...

Alright Puteri I'll update my reader and link, thanks for the heads up!

Also hi Jasmine yeah Dylan is awesome I hardly dislike any of his songs. I almost spelled "dongs" which would have been funnier