Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey. Feeling pretty sick today, so I drove straight home after CAD class instead of staying behind at the lab for a while. I did get to see some Malaysian RAF dudes in collab with the academic staff shoot a chicken at an aircraft canopy windscreen. It was loud! I did not expect it to be so quick or noisy, but it was. Pretty neat stuff. I do know that when it comes time for me to do my own experiments it'll have to be on weekends like this when there aren't too many folks around. The engine I am working with, even though it's small, is still pretty loud. Still waiting to obtain a battery and fuel though. Too expensive for me to buy out of my own pocket, so it's better to let the admin do it for me.

Anyway, a lot of studying to do. My labmates have been extremely kind thus far in my first month and I have been playing a bit of table tennis in the evenings. I'm getting pretty good! Or so I tell myself to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, time for me to sleep off this stupid fever/flu. Here is some new music by Eels! I am loving this, and hence I shall share it with you fuckers

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