Friday, July 3, 2009

dolor-denying ditties

Hey, everyone! Happy July 4th to my American readers, and a belated Canada Day to you Canucks as well. I've been super busy this week, but now that it's the weekend, it's time to blog, and catch up on my rss feeds, which should take up all my free time.

I finally got myself settled into my lab, and I'll be working on propulsion-based projects, of which I have no idea how to begin. But things happen as they should and I shouldn't sweat it. What matters is that I have something worth doing and studying, and I'm happy.

I'm short on things to write about for the time being, but I thought I'd ad lib some song posting, so here are the most recent songs on shuffle. Enjoy the tunes!

Regina Spektor: The Ghost of Corporate Future

Katamari Damacy OST: Cherry Blossom Color Season

The Clientele: I Can't Seem to Make You Mine (I had no idea people associate this song with The Lake House)


Terrorist said...

you have a lab in your house? are u trying to build a rocket? do u know how make explosives?

Ezanee said...

No, no, and absolutely not. I'm a grad student, dammit, studying aerospace. Direct your questions to google if you're so inclined.