Sunday, June 21, 2009

who likes the dance scene from the breakfast club? congratulations you are rad

Looking for some catharsis in writing, but the words haven't formed right in my head yet, and so I'm forced to sit on yet another self-indulgent post. Sorry, guys.

Monday! It's Monday already. Right now I'm listening to some Phoenix. They released It's Never Been Like That back in 2006, and it was one of my favorite and most personal albums of that year. Anyway they released a new album this year, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and it's just as good as the last album, and a pretty great soundtrack for 2009. I would have written about it sooner, but my ill-fated (and -planned) 2009 album list only went until the letter "G". I'll probably never get around to "P" at this rate, so I'll have to write about it here.

Not surprisingly, WAP turned out to be a favorite album for me and my siblings, thanks in large part to the lead single, Lisztomania. One of the greatest benefits of the internet age is the ability to not just write about how great a song or movie is, but to embed the media such that the readers' opinions can be based directly on the media in question, without my stumbling written adoration thrown in. So I can get away with writing something like, "this is awesome." You're welcome. Here is an 80's homage employing clever usage of said song.

If you ever need a pick-me-up to start the week off, this is it, and this is for you:

Keep this on repeat! Wooooo (dancing)

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