Thursday, June 25, 2009

some movie linkses

- The Oscars will now feature ten nominees for the Best Picture award, instead of the original 5. I think this is a good idea, mainly because it gives room for those indie/less well known films that get marginalized in favor of the regular Eastwood/Howard-directed fare. The Vulture blog lists several reasons why they're in favor of the change.

- Are you one of those people who caught the first screenings of the new Transformers movie? If you're still gushing about how great the action sequences and how this is one of the best movies of the year, Pajiba has some bad news for you. I still have not watched it, and I'm not sure I want to really see twin ebonic-speaking racial stereotype mini robots. Or "robot testicles" either, for that matter.

- Finally, here is the AV Club's retro-review of I Heart Huckabees. I love this little philosophical movie. I remember watching it with my good pal Adam during finals season when I should have been studying, and other times unsuccessfully following my sister's conversations about how great it is. She is smarter than me. Also, this is probably the best Mark Wahlberg role, in my opinion.

Oh, just FYI I won't be blogging so much in the coming weeks. In case my posting gets too intermittent, please feel free to befriend me or follow me, as it will be easier to share links and microblog when I am busy.

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