Sunday, June 14, 2009


Has it really been a week since I last posted? Goodness. Forgive me, I haven't really had any inclination to add anything to my good old blog during the last week. My running has finally hit a proper stride, and hopefully soon my stamina will be up and I'll be more fit. I've been listening to so much great music that it struck me just how much the "indie" and "pop" categorization of music is quite pointless. The last two years have provided so much convergence between mainstream appeal and more discreet sensibilities. I thought that 2008 was a good year for releases, but half a year in to 2009, this year has just been filled with so much quality, in all genres. Granted, I haven't found any great alt-country releases yet, but the electro-rock-pop niche is filled to the brim, as with hip-hop, grind, rap and alternative indie. What can I say? I'm loving this. So when time and mood permit, I will post more music on this site, so that you guys can decide what's worth a good listen. I'll also devote some time to write about the albums I really love this year.

I'm also planning to streamline the links list on the sidebar. Too many dead links and sites that haven't been updated in months or years that just take time to load. So I'll only make sure to link to the sites that I really recommend and still love, including my friends' blogs.

Take care of yourselves, eat well, and all that. Be seeing you.

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