Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is a collage my mom made recently of printed photos on a piece of discarded wood. I'm sorry the picture came out a bit fuzzy, I took it with my phone, and a lot of the pictures were printed on normal printing paper. Otherwise, it's pretty touching for me, personally: a lot of older pictures of my parents when they were younger, and some pictures of me and my siblings as little kids. It's not very clear, but in the upper right hand corner is my dad leaning over to give me hug around the shoulders, in our old rented house back in Massachusetts.

When we were living overseas, my mother took a break from her lecturing job to be a housewife while my dad did his doctoral work. It was during that time when she was at her most creative and artistic. I vividly remember coming home one day to see a painting my mom made of a clown on a small piece of wood. She was also into crocheting and some sewing as well. We'd watch Bob Ross tapes sometimes (happy trees!) and she was into crafts in a big way.

Both my parents are actually pretty creative people. My dad can sketch, but he doesn't do it much, and my mom doesn't have nearly as much free time as she used to. But they are both very supportive of any creative impulse my brother, sister and I might have. So much so that they agreed to let me and my brother take art classes when we were kids with Mrs. Caratenuto (I can't remember how to spell her name, just that it sounds like "Carrot-Tomato"), and bought us musical instruments like our old keyboard and guitars.

All in all, I'm glad I got to see the creative side of my mom when she had the time to stay at home way back when.

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