Monday, June 22, 2009

Handsome Furs time for Face Control

Had a pretty good run at the track just now. Met someone I knew from my undergrad days there; he's working currently somewhere in Shah Alam. Considering how hard work is to come by these days, I'm glad for him and any of my myriad classmates who have managed to tie down something or other these last few months. As for me, I find myself happily ensconced in this academic limbo, facing one uncertainty after another. But things are finally settling down, and I'll find ways to make things better on down the line.

Should I tell you guys this? I'm thinking of training to be a pilot. Well, not so much as an occupation, but more as a necessary skill. I used to be a mad history buff when it came to aeronautical studies, and I found that nearly all the pioneers from the late 19th to early 20th century were the ones who also chose to risk their own lives on gliders and early planes. So why not me?

Anyway, I was listening to The Handsome Furs on the drive back, and thought I'd plug their album Face Control here. It was released a little early in the year, in the wake of everyone's Animal Collective fawnings over Merriweather Post Pavillion. So in case you missed hearing about it, check out Face Control, it's one of the best atmospheric fast paced indie rock albums you will ever hear. Think The White Stripes meets TV On The Radio, and you'll get Handsome Furs. From

The duo of Handsome Furs, comprising Montreal residents Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and his wife Alexei Perry, began as an idea in the winter of 2005. Dark and minimal while noisy and earnest, the point was to be as sparse and repetitive as possible with the help of little more than vocals, guitars, and a new drum machine.

The band’s name comes from the title of a short story that Alexei was writing at the time of band’s conception.

So without further ado, I'd like to share with you a few of the album's highlights!

I'm Confused

Radio Kaliningrad

Talking Hotel Arbat Blues

Sorry about some of the poor audio, guys.

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