Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Royal Tenenbaums will probably stay in my Top 5 or 10 movies of all time for the rest of my days. There's one scene that really makes a lump in my throat, and that's when Ben Stiller says to Gene Hackman, in one of the last lines of the movie, "I've had a really rough year, pop." It's that one line that signifies Stiller's character's acceptance of Royal Tenenbaum as a father who sincerely wanted to make up for lost time, and segues into a happy montage prefacing his eventual demise. It's the point in the film where all the tumultuous events in the last 2 hours, under a thin layer of tension, finally comes to a satisfying conclusion; this is the thing that I live for, when a movie gets me so much that I invest, for that two hours, my entire attention and emotion. That even when things have gone to hell or have been in a state of painful perpetuity, they will be OK in time. It just takes a guy to admit it.

Anyway, from the soundtrack, this is Bob Dylan with Wigwam. Hope you like the tune:

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