Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still awaiting on the wall for the MARA result to come out. It was supposed to be released on Wednesday, but when I checked their website, they said to check again in about a week's time. So come Friday or Saturday, I guess I'll know how things are on that front, and so will YOU! Or not, who knows.

In the three weeks since the interview though, I can't help but think about how I could have maybe answered some questions differently or given a stronger impression to the interviewers. I guess that's how most of the other candidates are feeling as well, unless they have superiority poles up their asses. I dunno, best not to think about it after all, what's done is done and if I get it, great, otherwise, fuck-all.

Anyway IIU is having their interschool debates next weekend, I might go. Also the Rev. Jesse Jackson is giving a talk on Tuesday; my sister expressed her interest in attending that.

Argh I am so behind on EVERYTHING since my internet was cut. So much to catch up on.

Later! Catch me on twitter for more useless updates.


Darus Interferon said...

weh good luck

scholar untuk MSc ker under MARA?

Ezanee said...

Yes. Unfortunately they have delayed the results yet again.