Wednesday, February 4, 2009

today's song i think, and some random recommendations

Hey everyone! It is good to be writing here again. I'm hoping maybe I'll be able to post some more stuff soon. I kind of am itching to write about some things but am afraid of how they turn out (not as they would be perceived, rather in how crappily I'll write it).

Anyway, regular content later, music now! From Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, by Paul McCartney, this is "How Kind Of You."

Because Paul McCartney is awesome, that's why. If you like this kind of music, I guess his spiritual successors would be, among others whom I may unintentionally omit:

Brendan Benson

Ron Sexsmith

Aimee Mann

Ed Harcourt

David Gray

If there's anyone I left out, please feel free to tell me, there's tons of them.

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