Sunday, January 11, 2009

working it out

You may have noticed a drop in my posting these days. It's mostly cos I've been pretty busy with my Masters-related stuff, and I'm really hoping that things will work out better this time. I'm lucky that I got early notification from my school this time around, so there's a bit more time than last year to prepare. My biggest concern isn't really whether I have the funding to go, but if I can catch up within the first year of study. It's easy to forget a lot of the stuff I learned over the last 4 years, but with a little reading and mental exercise I think I can lick it.

Anyway, I was lucky that a friend of mine passed me an ad for a special endowment being offered to students studying overseas, and the closing date is a little less than two weeks away for application. If you too need some help getting funding, you might want to give this link a try, but bear in mind the preconditions mentioned. I just picked up the form today! I'm not even sure that I'll get it, but I'm hoping for the best, and compiling all my essays and certificates anyway. Wish me luck with this.

In other news, I'm finally managing my music collection properly and making more space available on my iPod (even though it is 160 gigs, I only have about 4GB available, shit), and I watched Death To Smoochy the other day. For an ensemble comedy, it's alright. The only problem is, as with all of Danny DeVito-directed movies, there's the impression that the movie's good, but not that great. Still, it's sweet seeing Ed Norton smiling innocently for once and Robin Williams playing himself.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to listen to some music I was given by some people the other day, so I should get on that.

Right now Voxtrot's on with The Start of Something:


pleasestopdancing said...

I hope you get the endowment! :)

Also, what, you have 156G of music? Seems a lot for me to have to catch up to in 5 years, heh.

pleasestopdancing said...

Just read the conditions. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to find someone who gives a shit about funding the arts. I'll be back never. Sigh.

Ezanee said...

Well I listen to a lot of shit! That is why it piles up so. Anyway I'm doing a lot of Quality Control on what videos and music gets on and stays there :)

I too am a bit disappointed with the lack of support for the Humanities & Arts. I'm not sure how my little sister will support herself if she wants to do her masters immediately after graduating.

Thank you for your support just the same :)

pleasestopdancing said...

Oh, I know you do. I almost envy your dedication to accumulating that shit. Almost. ;) And hey, if other people didn't filter the Teddy Geigers from the Sufjan Stevens, I'd have to do it myself, ugh, so by all means carry on with the Quality Control.

I do recall a few lecturers mentioning that they received JPA scholarships for Masters. Apparently at that level they're much more supportive than they are of undergraduates. If Jasmine can get into a good university, which I have no doubt she can, InsyaAllah she should have a fair shot at getting funding. (Fingers crossed, so will I.) Hopefully by the time we both decide what we want, there'll be more options from which to choose.

And you're welcome.