Friday, January 16, 2009

this is all kind of petty but hell man come on

Before I get into this post, I just want to share today's PFSC comic. I love guest turns on webcomics, and today's is pretty great.

So apparently one of my favorite modern singer-songwriters is going through probably irreversible hearing loss, and can't do much about it, and he's decided to take a break from music after his last tour with the Cardinals, and a bunch of judgmental (emphasis on mental) fans took it the wrong way and claimed that he's basically turning his back on everything he claimed he held dear and was actually pretty honest about it, both in his songs and recently, on his (and his band's) blog.

How do I feel about this? Not surprisingly, I'm more than a little sad. It's one thing to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of someone who genuinely loved to make music, and another to know that the exact enjoyment that he transfers from making his music to the ears and hearts of his listeners is probably going to be exhausted and extinguished before long.

Because hell, you know that the well is running dry before its time.

But that's the beauty of the recording age. We'll always have what he gave us prior to this, and that's more than can be said for a lot of bands and acts that have the potential to be musically and creatively great but don't capitalize on it. So consider this my salute and thanks to you. Take care, DRA. And thank you.

And really, who's to say hearing loss is any kind of barrier? We may have a potential Beethoven on our hands if he's up to it (wink, nudge).

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