Wednesday, January 7, 2009

some links

It's hard not to feel some degree of sadness regarding the current shelling of Gaza. Here's a few articles/editorials which I read earlier today, hopefully they'll help in some way:

Stealing Gaza (CounterPunch)

The Real Goal of the Gaza Assault (CounterPunch)

A Message to Israel: Time to Stop Playing the Victim Role (HuffPo)

AP Reporter Watches Own Home Destroyed, Via YouTube, in Gaza (HuffPo)

Gaza Diary: It's Time to Evacuate My Pregnant Wife (HuffPo)

Why Do So Few Speak Up For Gaza? (HuffPo)

If you've come across any interesting articles you'd like to share with us, let me know in the comments. Hopefully we can all stay informed and on top of this situation.

Stop The War

EDIT - I'm trying to implement the Apture method of sharing links and media, but for some reason today my internets is broken; also, for those of you are reading via RSS, I'm sorry, the apture stuff isn't supported by feed readers at the moment, I think..


Puteri said...

Ezanee, u didnt link them?
the articles, i mean.
and yes, very sad, indeed =(

- Puteri =)

Ezanee said...

Hey, thanks Puteri! I knew I forgot something :P