Saturday, January 17, 2009

omg srsly you guys

Atlas Shrugged has to be the best book I ever read. Nothing measures up to it. Not even my favorite Stephen King books (which I still regard with extreme reverence) even come close to matching up. I can't even believe I'm reading this. It's just so good.

That scene during Jim Taggart's wedding, when Francisco D'Anconia gives his diatribe slamming someone who says that "money is the root of evil" is the best philosophical put down I've read, simply because by logic and common sense, it is true. I want to quote the whole damn thing but it would take too long and wouldn't do any justice to what Ms. Rand did as a whole.

And I'm not even done with the damn thing. I haven't been energized by any book like this since well, ever. This is reading simply for the joy of reading. This is a goddamn life-changing thing going on here. There are so many lessons and concepts that would serve all governments and businesses. This is a triumph of the human spirit and a celebration of ingenuity.

I could spend the next year doing nothing but quotes out of the damn thing. Ayn Rand I know that even if you were around you'd be a little over 100 but goddamn I want to have your book babies.


Greg said...

Hm... Well, wait till you get to the radio speech.

Ezanee said...

Oh man, that speech was intense. I've never encountered such well thought-out-and-fleshed characters. It's something to find that the effort that goes into defining a character happens more frequently in fantasy novels these days.

Anyway, love your site! I don't play as many Flash games as I should.....