Wednesday, January 14, 2009

D: It is written (or, Get Off My Lawn!)

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

This movie has everything in spades: a love story woven with elements of betrayal, revenge, comedy, suspense, drama, tragedy... I can't describe how amazing the experience of watching this was. It deserves any Best Picture and Director awards it's nominated for, and the cast was excellent as well. You need to see this movie. I can't stress that enough. And the soundtrack by AR Rahman is brilliant. Hyperbole doesn't do Slumdog justice. Just watch it. This is City of God good. This is Juno good, it's Little Miss Sunshine good. It's better, though. This is There Will Be Blood awesome. This movie will steal your milkshake.

Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

This indie flick is also worth your time, mainly because it's got Will Arnett playing a suicide cult leader. Plus Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous is in it! Oh, the plot? Uhm, this guy offs himself after his ex-girlfriend broke his heart, and spends his afterlife in some purgatory meant for suicides. After finding out his ex killed herself too, he sets out to find her and be with her again, befriending a couple other misfits on the way. All I can say is, if your heart doesn't melt during the ending, you are stone cold.

Man On Wire (2008)

Who would have thought a documentary about a wire walking performer would be so intense and gripping? And it's all done through interviews and stock camera footage, too. This movie will give you sweaty palms all the way through. Totally awesome, but not something I'd be watching again soon. Mainly due to the emotional impact being a little dulled after seeing it the first time. But if you haven't seen this yet, do so!

Gran Torino (2008)

Clint Eastwood is the man. I've read that this is probably his last acting role, and that's a little bittersweet. His performance in GT is nothing short of amazing. He doesn't just act the hell out of his grumpy, racist old man role, he owns it. Every scene that has him chewing out some young punk has a visceral edge to it, bordering on pure red rage. And yet beneath it all, he's just a lonely widower who misses his wife, and lives with the guilt of war on his shoulders. His sons don't love him, and the only people who respect him are the two Korean kids next door. This may be a serious drama, but you can't help but laugh a little at the way Clint talks his way through the movie. Any other actor would get in a lot of trouble for such things, but this guy gets a by simply by virtue of his awesomeness. A lot happens that you wouldn't expect, and this movie is all the better for it.

So basically Slumdog Millionaire is awesome. Gaaahhhhhhh! Anyway here's the song from Wristcutters, I love this:


pleasestopdancing said...

Juno good? Um, pass.

But Little Miss Sunshine good? Sounds promising.

I liked Wristcutters a lot, I think I was one of the few who did. The reviews were mercilessly twee-bashing. I maintain you can never go wrong with Will Arnett and Patrick Fugit (and Tom Waits!).

Ezanee said...

Trust me, Nadia, writing "Juno good" made me throw up a little inside, but I do not deny having been pretty damn touched during some scenes in that movie. But believe that Slumdog is just as good, if not better, than so many of your, and anyone's movie experiences. The ending sequence alone is pure icing.

pleasestopdancing said...

Your admission of that fact softened the blow a little because honestly, I liked the Juno trailer 10 times more than I did the movie (barring the scenes with Jason Bateman, of course). Not to beat a dead horse, but the smugness of Diablo's writing is unforgivable. No wonder they're letting her write for TV now.

I've only heard good things about Slumdog, it's definitely among the movies topping my list right now. Also, Nick & Norah! Despite the less-than-stellar reviews. My love for coming-of-age movies regardless of quality will not be quelled.