Friday, December 5, 2008

nobody told me there'd be days like these

So in the last month, Mumbai was attacked and the Indian government was absolutely thunderstruck in terms of their response, and about 200 people died. In the US, auto giants are folding in on themselves and require a bailout of almost 40 billion dollars. Also, 533,000 people lost their jobs (holy crap indeed.) In Peshawar yesterday, there was a market bombing, which indiscriminately killed at least 20 people. In Congo, a media-friendly general discusses a truce with the Congolese government, and in Nigeria, there's a cholera outbreak, and Chrsitians fighting Muslims over election results. In Thailand an unpopular anti-government mob makes a pointless case to oust their PM. In the West Bank disgruntled Israeli settlers take out their frustration on (surprise, surprise) not their troops forcing them out, but on Palestinians.

Strange days indeed. Here's a little John Lennon for you.

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