Friday, December 26, 2008

hey, it's another goddamn book recommendation

Happyslapped by a Jellyfish: The Words of Karl Pilkington by Karl Pilkington

Ricky Gervais, long-time tormentor and heckler of Karl Pilkington (misunderstood genius, natch) writes, for his front cover blurb of Happyslapped, "If you think he's is a genius, you're an idiot."

As far as blurbs go, that's pretty accurate.

For the uninitiated, Karl Pilkington is one of the famous trio of the Ricky Gervais podcast, and Xfm show, acting as the producer and provider of Monkey News and random musings on the podcast over its pretty long run. (You can download the podcasts here [and also, here]. They are awesome!)

Happyslapped by a Jellyfish is a memoir of sorts, a collection of observations by Karl Pilkington on his many holidays with his live-in girlfriend. To quote the man himself, "Not cos I wanted to, but because my girlfriend Suzanne likes it, so I always end up getting dragged along. She said it's cos she didn't go on holidays as a kid, which I think is a load of bollocks cos she didn't do much ironing when she was a kid either but she doesn't seem so eager to do that."

The book is full of improbable anecdotes, stories of his girlfriend's parents, and stray observations (e.g., ugly people "tend to tan more easily"). If you're interested in a light, nonsensical read, you can't do much worse than this book.

Fun fact: Karl Pilkington's head is unbelievably round!

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