Friday, October 17, 2008

well, duh

"The best advice, of course, is to never, ever create sexual photos, videos, e-mails, text messages, or anything else that someone could keep and share in the future," says Michael Fertik, 30, a Harvard Law School grad and the CEO of ReputationDefender, a California-based privacy-management company. "You have to think of revenge porn almost like an STD: something that can only happen because of mixing sex with irresponsibility." - (Link courtesy of details blog)
Really? Huh.

The article in the above quote is about a burgeoning trend, apparently, of jilted lovers posting nude/explicit pictures and videos of their exes online after breaking up. Some do it out of revenge, others do it to leverage their exes into having breakup sex.

Really? Really?? How did these assholes even get into relationships to begin with?!

Seriously, those guys don't deserve any future relationships at all. Assholes.

If you have to take pictures/videos, keep it private, dammit. Or make the partner sign a goddamn waiver/agreement first. Then get it notarized or whatever, make it binding.

Are these homemade things even worth the risk?

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