Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Most of my friends know I have a major hero complex for Pete Yorn. I was just playing my songs on shuffle (right now Sugar's Helpless, from Copper Blue is on), and one of his songs from his sophomore album, Day I Forgot, was one of them. Day is one of my all time favorite albums, but one I haven't listened to in a good while.

Turn Of The Century initially wasn't high on my ratings, but with age and later listenings, this song really makes sense to me. Mostly it has to do with the guy's singing: as I requested, a lapse in your presence, I couldn't think of anything important to say, so I wondered, when this day will end, Yeah, I wondered, if we'd speak again. And.. fade.

I had a lot of similar situations, with different girls I'd liked, wondering if anything I did was worth it, and if it would be reciprocated, or, being the wallflower I was/am, if I was even noticed to begin with. OK, this is getting sappy. Here's Turn, and following that, Burrito, from the same album. Enjoy!

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