Saturday, October 18, 2008

old cover versions of older songs (or I love Sydney Poitier)

There was one scene in Quentin Tarantino's extremely indulgent Death Proof where a very attractive Sydney Poitier gyrated to "Baby It's You", performed by one-hit wonders Smith. Incidentally, this song is their only hit single. I fell in love with it immediately. While The Beatles covered Baby It's You several years prior, with lead vocals by John Lennon and beautiful backing harmonies by Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Smith's version is more energetic and fast paced, while The Beatle's rendition comes off more as a soft pop rock ballad. You have to love the horns in the Smith version, though, to say nothing of Gayle McCormick's powerful vocals.

Anyway, I'll put up both versions of the song, I have to go back to the Liverpool game:

1. Smith

2. The Beatles


Caracol S. Trampt said...

Cant wait for the next game. Welcome to Stamford bridge.

Ezanee said...