Sunday, October 19, 2008

Of RPG's and Fishing (both unrelated)

Super excited! Star Ocean: First Departure comes out this week, and I will be on it like white on rice. The last old school RPG I enjoyed on the PSP was FF Tactics, and that was nearly a year ago, so I'm jonesing for this like crazy.

Meanwhile in Real World news, I'm sure many of you are aware of current fishing trends? Basically it's like this: We're running out of fish. The better technology gets, the higher yield the individual fisherman gets; but also, the more people are able to go out to sea in the first place. So basically more and more fish get caught at a faster rate than before, and in the end they don't reproduce a many and as often. It's a cycle, and in the end we're paying for it increasingly, environmentally and financially. So get enlightened and read this Economist article, and contact your local fisheries department, today.

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