Sunday, October 19, 2008

nostalgia seems to be a running theme on this blog what's up with that

When I was younger, The Adventures of Pete And Pete was undoubtedly one of my favorite shows to watch on Nickelodeon, for both its writing and its music. It was probably the most unique children's show ever produced, especially given its accessibility to pretty much all age groups. The antics of Little Pete appealed to the kids, while Big Pete's teenage troubles resonated with a lot of older viewers, myself included. It introduced a whole host of quirky and adorable side characters that didn't feel out of place in such a show, my favorite of course being Artie, The Strongest Maaann-uh! In The World...! (which, phonetically, would be the way he introduced himself).

Anyway, probably the best part about the show was the fact that the music was written and performed exclusively for the show, by one-time band Polaris. Their music was so popular with the fans that they released an album consisting entirely of songs from the show's soundtrack. The song in the intro above is titled "Hey, Sandy", and until today, nobody can really be sure what the exact lyrics are. Whatever they are, it's a catchy as hell tune, and the perfect opening.

Sadly, the show was canceled after only 3 seasons (just like Arrested Development!). This is sorta understandable given that the main characters were kids turned into teenagers turning into young adults, and it would have been hard to come up with storylines that would fit their growing maturity in real life. Thankfully, the episodes can still be found on DVD and on the ol' interwebs. One thing's for sure: no young adult show has come close to the dizzying heights of awesome this show reached.

Here's Polaris's "Everywhere," featured in this fan-made video.

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