Saturday, October 18, 2008

Liverpool 3 - 2 Wigan

Liverpool have proven themselves to be nothing short of pure character and class. What a game.

Kuyt I love you. I Love You Man. Your second goal outclassed Zaki's. Pennant, you had another good game today, your crosses were perfect. Riera, congratulations on getting your first Liverpool goal. Agger, you made amends for your early mistake.

Come back soon, Torres! And Keane you need to score some goddamn goals, dammit.


hadiquizzikal said...

ur just lucky that valencia got send off. bias ref.

Ezanee said...

I agree that the Valencia send-off was a factor in the win, but whether the ref was biased is debatable. His tackle on Alonso was definitely card worthy, plus in the final 30 minutes the game was mostly Liverpool.

Oh well! A win's a win. I just hope they stop having to make comebacks all the time, this is bound to take the piss out of them in the long run.