Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's forget the extremely ludicrous terrorist link claim for a second and look at what our cadnidates say about their running mates:

Obama: Biden will fight for the little guy, experience, all that stuff

McCain: bullshit bullshit bullshit Palin is a breath of fresh air, will sweep out the cronyism, she understands the special needs families, I am so proud of her (of course you are)

On whether they're qualified:
Obama: up to the people to see if Palin delivers
McCain: Biden has history of opposing important past issues OH and by the way Obama will steal your money

On foreign oil/energy dependence:

McCain: OH MY EFFIN GOD did he really say all that??? Immediate nuclear power, COMPLETELY eliminate imports from MidEast and Venezuela blah blah blah -- mind you this question is only for the FIRST term

Oh my goodness McCain's smirking is so fucking annoying I want to reach out and slap him arrrrgh how can he be the Rep candidate he is an idiot

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