Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ho hum

Liverpool beat Portsmouth by a single goal from a Gerrard penalty 15 minutes from time. The first half was all Liverpool, with many chances created, but unfulfilled, either by sloppy finishing or by a resolute Portsmouth defense. The second half was quite a sloppy affair, Liverpool frequently gave up possession and the pitch got really wet from the rain. Nevertheless, Ryan Babel was spectacular, Pennant wasn't at his best but still effective, and subs Reira and Benayoun didn't contribute much to the game. Gerrard did a lot of the legwork for the team (a sign of returning to last season's form? I hope not...), but otherwise they still managed to win despite not playing at their best.

Keane almost sealed the deal with a last minute shot, but was wide at an impossible angle (the same thing happened not too long ago as well). Hopefully his groin injury will let up. The good news is that Torres may be making a comeback for the weekend! Definitely looking forward to that.

Incidentally, have you heard the new albums by Snow Patrol and Ben Folds? Pure pop pleasure!

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