Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You know, I was talking with my family over dinner about this current American election and I was expressing my worries about the Sarah Palin effect on the Obama campaign. The timing could not have been better to unveil the Republican veep candidate, and the choice that they made, and the resulting media furore over it, it seemed to take away much of the focus on what should be relevant: The Issues!

I may not be a ctitizen of the US, but as with many other people around the globe I am deeply interested in the outcome of this election, because believe it or not, America is still a relevant entity. To have another 4 years of More of The Same would be unimaginably horrible, and I honestly do not see any recourse but to see Obama take the presidency, and, take America out of this deep well that Bush has dug for them.

I am wary of where the majority will sway, and I hope my cynicism will be proven wrong.

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