Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well apparently the Genius playlist feature requires an iTunes Store account, which doesn't amount to anything in Malaysia since there is practically zero Store service here. So, that's a redundant feature.

In hindsight though, having the program form a playlist based on a song selection composed of "similar" songs, isn't really a feature I would much use. In terms of variety of music that I listen to, I like to keep things as varied as possible. And, it seems more like a marketing gimmick in the sense that, a Store account is required in order for Genius to connect to the online store to suggest songs for purchase which approximate whatever parameters the algorithm measures in said songs.

So, yeah. Hmm what else new? A Grid feature, which is basically as it sounds. It's basically a tiled view of all your albums. Personally I prefer this over cover flow, which was more of an aesthetic feature than anything else, really. Also, there's new visualizations! For those of you who like that sort of thing.

Times like these I miss Winamp, back in '02 and '03. Good times.

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