Friday, September 26, 2008

some comments on the new season of heroes

Woohoo! Back in TV land, some of my favorite shows are starting their new seasons, and there's been the introduction of a few new series, too. Sons of Anarchy is a new FX show, and it's about a bunch of outlaw bikers running a town, and stars Charlie Hunnam from Green Street Hooligans and Undeclared fame. So far it is pretty interesting, but I am not sure about the long-term viability of the show. All the basic elements are laid out (I won't ruin it for you by mentioning them) and unless there's a really great twist a la Adaptation (you must see this movie if you haven't yet) towards the end, I doubt that future seasons would be too interesting. Just my take on it.

Anyway as the title suggests, I want to discuss my reactions to the new season of Heroes. If you're anything like me, you probably don't remember too clearly what happened in the clusterfuck that was Season 2, and may have been a little disoriented by the flurry of events in the first episode of Season 3. I blame this on the unfortunate pacing of the second season; the writer's strike really whaled on what could have been at least a more coherent experience and overall story. As it was, there were too few episodes last season, and way too many unwanted characters and their subsequent loose ends.

For example: WTF happened in New Orleans after the warehouse explosion? Is Monica missing from Season 3, and where's everyone's favorite pretentious snot-nosed boy genius Micah? What happened to the Irish girl Peter left behind in some timeline? How did Nikki suddenly gain ice powers????? And how did Malcolm McDowell's character return after being brain-punched at the end of the first season?! But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

First things off, I have always been a Heroes fan and absolutely loved the first season. Following the episodes and reading the delicious reviews on Television Without Pity (before they sold out) was a lot of fun, and the idea to have digital comic books to introduce new characters and stories was genius. But the one thing that has escaped the show's focus for these first two seasons has been the very nature of heroism itself. When are we actually gonna see some bona fide teaming up and fighting of the bad guys, as opposed to the usual one or two "heroes" squaring off against Sylar? The only one doing any legwork is Hiro, who has saved the day (conveniently, using his time/teleportation powers) at the end of both seasons.

So watching the first two episodes of Season 3, I think it's fairly safe to be optimistic about the propects of actual "hero"-ing from our cast of characters. The introduction of a team of super-villains (Weevil from Veronica Mars!!!!) can only lead to the formation of a united front by the heroes. If it doesn't, and this season treads the same ground as 1 and 2, then I'm afraid Tim Kring might have to reconsider naming the series to "Angsty People With Powers! Featuring Hiro Who Eventually Saves The Day (and his faithful sidekick Ando)". Granted it's a long title, but it makes sense.

I guess what the characters need to do at this point is reflected in what Claire tells Future Peter; she has to stop being the victim all the time. After all, what use is having these powers and not actually helping anyone? So there you go. My thoughts and hopes for Heroes Season 3.

On a side note, seeing Papa Bennet being badass is totally what keeps me coming back. And the "Jeff Goldblum Fly movie" angle on Mohinder? Come on! You had to make him Spider-Man? I hope he gets crippled or something this season, really I do. Him and Maya both.

If all else fails, there's always It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 30 Rock.

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mizahmidge said...

dude its only the first 2 episodes.. give it time... patience grasshopper... where are you these days btw??