Thursday, September 25, 2008

In case you haven't yet watched The Foot Fist Way, then do yourself a huge favor and watch it ASAP. This is in lieu of the fact that the summer movie season (what more idiosyncratic term is there for a region in which seasons do not freaking exist) is pretty much over, and you owe it to yourself to watch a decent comedy before delving into all the usual end-of-year dramas that win Oscars to come.

Unfortunately in this case I am not writing of the movie in such an immediate state as my last post, but since I haven't written about movies here for a while, and because I am still on a roll people, I might as well write down what I remember liking about Foot Fist. Oh but before that I'm gonna go off on another personal digression. This movie was shot in total indie mode, which means shoestring cost, (at the time) unknown cast and was picked up by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay for distribution in the hopes that it would gain Napoleon Dynamite-like success. Having said that, there are a strew of really crap indie movies with the intention of appearing "quirky", "cute" and "original". One such movie I unfortunately found myself watching was on the other night on one of the movie channels. It's about a bunch of guys living in a trailer park (read: stereotypical white trash hicks with hick accents and listen to hair ballads) who come up with a get rich quick scheme. Needless to say the "Office"-style camera work with the impromptu faux monologues got old extremely quickly, the writing was sloppy and unfunny as hell and basically it was shit. It was a steaming pile of fetid garbage that only our execs in movie channel HQ could have found palatable because they do not care what gets shown becaus they take us for granted. But it's on me right? Because I made myself watch and gag in horror. At midnight. Cos nothing else was on.

Anyway, The Foot Fist Way was nothing like that. It is funny. It is highly funny. The acting by Danny McBride is priceless and completely perfect and the acting from Ben Best as Chuck "the Truck" (the asshole) and straight-faced awesome from Jody Hill (who also directed and wrote this movie with Ben Best) as Mike McAlister is just too much to put down into words. Put simply: rocking background music in time with slow motion action sequences. That is what this movie is all about. Oh yeah, the plot. It involves Tae Kwon Do. That's all you need to know.

I wonder what's playing on the movie channels right now....

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