Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Has anyone downloaded the google Chrome browser yet? How is it? By that I mean, how different is it from Firefox 3?

I was trying to sleep last night but I couldn't so I put on some tunes on shuffle to rate them. I have to; I have about 14000 songs on my iPod and have to prioritize space, so I have to wean out the mediocre from the awesome. So I was listening to War On Drugs and I have to say, their Wagonwheel Blues album is nothing short of excellent.

I find myself veering towards melody and musical composition now than to lyrics, it could just be that I am a bad listener? I guess? So I thought yeah, why not recommend some ambient/ electronica/ shoegaze/ instrumental rock stuff I've been listening to this past year: Tough Alliance, Dan Deacon, M83, Ratatat, Girl Talk, The Go! Team, Stereolab (woot!), Lindstrom.. I am gonna give Brian Eno & David Byrne's Everything That Happens Will Happen Today a listen. Looking forward to that.

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hadiquizzikal said...

hum hum... i so have to meet u and receive another round of musical enlightenment. glad to know ur feeling better.