Monday, August 11, 2008

Here are two movies which I highly doubt will be shown in local theaters:

Pineapple Express

While stoner comedies are mostly harmless, humorous affairs, their drug-themed stories never actually get shown here, given the capital punishment that goes with drug related crimes. Parables like Harold and Kumar, or even The Big Lebowski don't see the light of day. Even if the authorities decide to give the green light to the Pineapple Express, it will probably be censored to the point of redundancy. In short, wait for the DVD to come out and import it over via Amazon. Or get creative.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

This probably won't get shown for rather obvious reasons; firstly the title (dead giveaway, right? Thanks a lot, Kevin Smith!). Remember when Hellboy first came out here? For some inane pointless reason, they forcibly changed the title of the film to Super Sapiens, which, incidentally, didn't make any goddamn sense! Even in the Hellboy comics, the term was never used. As for consistency, the censorship board didn't do the same for Hellboy 2. Wha??

Second reason would be the subject matter, which involves two friends, desperate for cash, deciding to direct a porn movie for said money. And for the record, this film barely escaped an NC-17 rating in the US, because of its subject matter. But now it is rated R.

So what gives? We get violence all the time in our cinemas, we have scenes of implicit sex, and sometimes, if we're lucky, the censorship board even forgets to censor out the swear words. Come on, people, this is a messed up situation we have here. The internet makes censorship redundant and puts the power of media consumption into the hands of the public. Why bother not screening a couple of movies if people are going to circumvent the system anyway?

Get with the times, you old hacks.

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