Sunday, August 17, 2008

Courtesy of YTMND

Things I absolutely refuse to do:
- write lame-ass emo prose expressing how fucked up things are/were
- keep emo bangs in my hair which I have no control over

I am going to get a haircut tomorrow and it's gonna be kickass or else. Liverpool had a winning (ha!) start to the season, but it was almost a nil-nil draw, if not for Torres, who is the best thing to happen for Liverpool in recent memory. Keane will come good, though, he was very much a team player and sportsman in the last two games, and I really look forward to seeing him shine.

I didn't try very hard in searching for songkok pictures.

I am also attending the goddamn convocation this year, even though there's no traditional songkok, just a goddamn mortarboard. Shit. I was hoping to wear the songkok. It looked awesome. Anyway I am attending mostly for my family and friends, not so much for myself.

In GRADUATE SCHOOL NEWS I didn't get any supervisors from Toronto, but apparently if I reapply to Delft, given that they admitted me already, I am likely going to get accepted again, hopefully. I am still considering other schools in the States for spring, but if I can find some scholarships and prepare better, who knows, I might still get into my dream school.

Because really that is what I want. To go to Delft. It just sucks that circumstances prevented me from enrolling this year, but I refuse to let that happen again for the next intake.

So what in hell am I going to do for the next year? Who the fuck knows. Probably do some travelling...

Anyway I am pretty happy that Ryan Adams has started blogging again, that is something I look forward to reading all the time.


hadiquizzikal said...

what day is your convo? mine's on sunday!

hadiquizzikal said...

you can try to curl your hair! hahhahahhah...