Friday, August 1, 2008

Come We Shall Palaver

Well, that was a long break. There was a time, before we kept these things called "blogs", there were those of us (not me) that kept our journals on the computer. Not me, I was old school. I kept one on paper, cos that's how I rolled, son. I don't know why I bothered, I was twelve or eleven when I started writing. Maybe I was bored, maybe I needed an outlet, since I wasn't really talking to anyone. Anyway, before you jump to the conclusion that I was some emo bitch, no I wasn't.

There wasn't much to write about back then. I motly stayed indoors, played computer games or hung out with my neighbors. Mostly I just used the journal to stick pictures in. A lot of Beatles pictures, actually.. pretty embarrassing to admit that. Oh well! Fuck it, amiright.

Man... it's been a while since I opened that journal. We all outgrow that stuff, don't we? Or maybe it's just me. Anyway I am of the opinion that my real life sort of started in university, in the sense that I sort of found an identity that I was comfortable with most of the time. And things took on more meaning, everything just sort of made sense and HAPPENED, you know? So that's that, bam.

Anyway I have been a major recluse this last month, I know. For starters, I decided not to work as a research assistant at where I was at anymore. DOn't get me wrong, I love working in that envrionment, I just wish it would be in a department that I CHOSE. Communications engineering isn't my field, and while I am wet behind the ears with this field thing, I know that I'd be happier in aerospace or mechanical engineering. So the problem's not the job, it's in large part the department and specialization. I'd still be extremely happy to be a graduate research assistant or tutor, so I'm holding out hope for that in the near future.

So now you know I'm back to blissful unemployment. What's a vagrant like me to do, right? Oh, U of T told me they got all my documents, so it's just a matter of waiting for their definite reply, so I'm still really preoccupied with my graduate status.

I owe a lot of my friends some hanging out time, I have been a total asshat about that. Phew. Just believe me when I say that I have been entirely oblivious, I have been fugueing out completely, only guitar breaks to break the monotony. Oh sweet guitar I love you so.

I have been listening to a lot of music, some of which I would give 5/5 to, others a tawdry 3. I think I'm in love with Santogold. Wow. Just give her record a listen and you'll see. I also love love love Partie Traumatic, Black Kids' debut LP. It is bliss, one of the best records this summer, for reals. I also watched movies, from Tarantino to Apatow to Wes Anderson. They make me happy dammit. Also I fell in head over heels for Paris Je T'aime and In Bruges. Watch watch watch.

Now you are up to speed. I will post more frequently again, about movies and music and things. Because that's what I like doing. And for now that's enough.

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