Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hey everyone, so it looks like even with the really lackluster posting this month I still receive visitors, so that is nice, I guess. In case you are wondering, no, I decided not to go to the Netherlands to do my masters. The reasons for that are pseudo-simple; one is the means, the other one is, well, that's it really.

So I got a nice email from them that said that I was very fortunate to have been chosen out of thousands of applicants, and I could always reapply for future admission. I could too, but we'll see about that in the near future.

So what's a guy to do, right?

Well, I did the logical thing and applied to Canada. For one thing, there's less of a language barrier, and the rankings of both universities are pretty similar, so if I can get accepted into one, getting into the other shouldn't be a problem, right? God, I hope so. Plus, it's a full research program, which is a super plus. And I have considered and contacted them long before Holland.

The point here is that I want to continue studying. It just feels like there is a tremendous amount of knowledge that I still have yet to learn in aerospace, and no amount of undergraduate studies, even with some of the best lecturers in the field, can satisfy that. So, there you go. My heart's not into entering the professional world; I've tasted it, twice, and it's not what I want, not now.

Fact is, where I apply to doesn't matter so much as what I have to gain from their programs. And one that allows more research than coursework has to be awesome. That is something that I am hoping for. So no matter what, I know what I want. And knowing what you want, and working towards it, there's no better outlet for one's efforts. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So now you know my state of mind and where my head is at. I guess I won't be fully myself until I know what admissions says. I'm not too bummed about it, but the waiting is still pretty emasculating. I will let you know how it goes, no worries.

Anyway, that's out of the way. I've been listening to some new music lately, and I will fill you in fully on that in later posts. But one album that I absolutely recommend is Dennis Wilson's classic Pacific Ocean Blue. It is massive. It is phenomenal. It is absolutely fucking brilliant. If you want to feel the west coast, stripped down to its core, and played in beautiful piano melodies, this is the album for you. It's what any grizzled, older rock star should sound like: mellow, optimistic, melancholy, appreciative of the little important things in life. Great album.

Also, I've been reading Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, a really trippy, heavy comic series that deals with everything. It's awesome, one of the best series from the 90's.

OK, that's all.

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AbDdU! said...

hey there ezanee ...

good good .. ur words make sense ... if ur not comfortable with the dutch (and their weird language) then canada is much better from what i know ... (both are open and great countries though)... but if i had 2 chances il go Canada .. IMHO

as u said .. it doesn't matter where u study as long as ur gonna study anyway and not waste precious time ... plus get the best out-of knowledge ...

btw, i have that same feeling of not having enough ... i feel i havn't learned "anything" ... and i mean nothing... science is evolving faster than we can catch up with it ...

1 lecturer recommended i head for the US for computer science ... but for me going to the west is just another dream for the time being ...

anyway .. all the best

and hey! .. im still listening to those yeasayer songs ... i jsut cant stop ... everyday i find a new interesting bit in their music and way of singing ... so thnx to u for the introduction, otherwise i may have never noticed em at all ..