Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You All Should Watch This Movie

I just did. For the first time I must admit. And man, is it good.

There's this one line, at the end, the morning after the last day of camp. Coop (Michael Showalter) told the girl of his dreams he loved her, or something like that. Teenage love. And she liked him back, right? The night before, they made out and everything, and she was basically sick of her current jerk of a boyfriend, Andy (Paul Rudd). So yeah that morning he's like, let's meet up again, can't wait. And she says,

"Listen, Coop. Last night was really great. You were incredibly romantic and heroic, no doubt about it. And that's great. But I've thought about it, and my thing is this:

Andy's really hot. And don't get me wrong, you're cute, too. But Andy's like, cut. From marble. He's gorgeous. He's like this beautiful face and this incredible body. And, I genuinely don't care that he's kind of lame. I don't even care that he cheats on me.

And I like you more than I like Andy, Coop, but, I'm 16. And maybe it'll be like a different story when I'm ready to get married but right now, I am entirely about sex... I just want Andy. And right now, I wanna take him, and grab him, and just fuck his brains out, y'know?

So that's where my priorities are right now. Sex. Specifically with Andy and not with you. But you're really nice, and everybody thinks so. And, I'm sorry, if this isn't the direction you saw things going between us.

I still totally wanna be friends. Better write me a letter, ok?"

And Coop says, sure. While she gets into Andy's car, which, incidentally, is being driven by his dad. End credits.

Damn. Dude I totally relate.


mizahmidge said...

and i can totally relate to how you could totally relate

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. interesting. your relation to this is more of the rejected dude, the hot dude,.. or the girl?
ahahahaha :D
im sorry, im bored. i find this funny. will watch the movie.

Puteri =)

hadiquizzikal said...

u sorta relate to everything dont u? heh. update mine too while ur at it! hahhahahahha.....

Silence said...

hadi needs attention on his page..

Ezanee said...

I know!