Sunday, September 9, 2007

So this is how my weekend went

Well, I kind of wrote about Saturday, but I thought I would expound a bit more. The Edu Fair was alright, I got a lot of brochures and prospectus(es?) to different universities. It's a pretty safe assumption to say I'm inclined to pursue a postgrad-based future. I don't know how far into the future, though. I went with Midge, so it was fun. We had a pastry breakfast, which I've wanted to do for a while.
The Interkul debates were awesome! I had a blast with Asmaa and Nabilah, it was great to be debating again, after a spell of nondebating. It's always a good distraction. Even though I was extremely rusty! Plus I always enjoy seeing everyone.
Yesterday we crashed out of the quarterfinals, so for the semis, I judged a room. Cos they needed a few judges. I dissented! Yes, I am revealing it online. I dissented.
Had dinner at JJ with Adam, Shareef, Hadi and Asmaa, which was really fun. And then we played table tennis with Riasat in some lecturers' rec room somewhere on campus. I like table tennis. Especially with these guys.
So I had a pretty full, enriching weekend. Almost makes the midsem break feel worthwhile despite its short length.


Silence said...


sighs. main tak AJAK!

mizahmidge said...

btw how did the finals go?

Anonymous said...

i heard sumone had a pretty shocking event while playing table tennis ;) hehehe Glad u had a great interkul