Thursday, September 6, 2007


Fuck! I had to go and read Mostly Harmless. Of all books to end happy volumes of a certain saga, this one takes the cake. More than The Dark Tower. And don't get me started on Ice and Fire. That's just plain depressing.

Let's just say I was slightly offput by the ending. Well worth what was leftover of my allowance though.

My next project would be trying to emulate the solo off Go Your Own Way. Eventually.


Hass said...

Hey there Ezanee.. I HAVE dropped by. Douglas Adams ?? Hahah. No, I don't read him, or any other kinda sci-fi stuff either, but glad it left u naked, vulnerable and defenceless.. Most good books have that effect, no ?

I'll check out Hadi from here too.. See ya around :D

Ezanee said...

Hey! So you have dropped by.

Ok see you around.