Monday, August 27, 2007

So This Is What Has Been Going On

I signed up for selections for royals and worlds apparently. I don't know whether that was too smart on my part but we shall see.
Over the weekend we were supposed to have league but it was postponed, so I went home and drove around. I did get to see some of my friends convocate. It was nice. I felt the same sense of pride and happiness as last year, when my brother went for his convo.
So, congrats to all a you guys. Adam, the twins, etc. Even Halian got his I think for his masters, so that was cool too.
Last night I went to watch the mock trial, something the Law Society puts on every year. Apparently the major theme each year revolves around murder. This was my first mock trial, I never went to any previous ones. Just didn't catch my interest at the time. But this year a bunch of friends were producing it, and acting in it, so I figured, why not.
It was actually pretty good. I'd come to their practices sometimes to hang out, so last night was a culmination of all that, and it went really great.
Wow, it's been a while since I posted something over a few sentences. I must have lost a few readers cos of that. Anyways I have to fix some links, I think, for Puteri and Izati's blogs.
Meeting my project supervisor in about an hour, so might as well kill s'more time.

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