Tuesday, July 3, 2007

As promised, sort of, here's a bunch of stuff I've learned during my three months of training at Airfoil.

1. Engineers are awesome people. Now I know! Not just engineering lecturers are mostly alright, in fact, given that the age group in my company is around 25 - 35, I got along really well with everyone. Which is awesome.

2. Professionals are pretty dirty minded. The guy who sat next to me at my desk at work, he told everyone he would "corrupt" me within a week. Little did they know how fucked up my mind was already. Only took half a day, in fact. Haha! Man, I'm surprised everybody was so sporting of lewdness and crappy jokes. I love that place.

3. Having a shop floor downstairs and an office block upstairs with a manager, engineers, QA guys, customer support. Feels like The Office in there. I even had a guy to be Dwight Schrute. But then he turned out to be really nice. Despite the punches on my shoulder.

I almost wish we had a Michael Scott.

4. That manufacturing, MRO companies are a good bet if you want a dependable job. Being a product, tooling or documentation engineer may not be a very deep vocation, but it's reliable. Unless you want to work in another company first, and then settle down, or, choose R & D.

5. Sitting at a desk for over five hours at a time does hell for whatever workout routine you ever planned and did for three months. Hey! Isn't that what I do at home, you ask?

Shut up, smartass.

6. It can be pretty boring at times being an intern. But you get away with a lot of things.

I won't elaborate here.

So there you go! Three months in easy to read, point form. I loved doing my internship, short story. I can't wait to go back to school, though.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wanna be a student again.

Hi guys!

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