Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Write Me A Title

What a week this has been so far. What's been happening? Not much on my front. Right now, as always, I'm just coasting down this trippy life thing.

Worldwise, I was reading this one study/survey they did in the UK, on what parents think of letting their kids out to play by themselves. By this I mean without parental supervision. Apparently about 40% think their kids shouldn't go out by themselves until they're 14; most of the respondents think it should be ten years old.

According to the report, these same parents spent more time outdoors at their kids' ages.. I guess these days being cautious is the main modus operandi for most folks. I don't blame 'em, really. If I was a parent, I'd wanna spend as much time with my kid outdoors as I could get, and I'd be pretty nervous if he/she went outside the yard unaccompanied unless it was to get sugar from next door or something.

But come on. Kids'll be kids. Depends more on the neighborhood that you raise them in. I wouldn't want my kid cooped up indoors. That's not cool. I don't enjoy being cooped up!


What else have I read? I have a lot of time online these days. Gonna miss em when I go back to school. Oh! Season 2 spoilers for Heroes. Not really spoilers per se. Just stuff that Kring and Co. already told the press and adoring fans in interviews.

Hey, if you exercise more you actually help your diet. I kind of got that idea already, but now there's empirical evidence! Awesome.

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