Friday, June 29, 2007

This is something. The site I've been using really frequently these last 10 or so months, it's been through a lot of changes. Among them is a friend type of adding thing, where you can keep tabs on your friends' stuff and ease communication between members.

Some people take it way too seriously though. As in, actually establishing "relationships" via comments and messages.

Ok, now I'm sounding like some Neo-Conservative bullshitter.

Point is, if you're honestly saying you want to commit suicide because you had hoped to find happiness online, but didn't, you need help. I see the whole online friends vehicle as a means to facilitate friendships, but not to cement them.

That needs actual contact, the human side of it. Phone calls, face to face meetings, normal hanging out. Online "friends" come and go. It's the ones you see in the real world that matter, and can help you the most. I'll try, though.

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