Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Think I Need A Breather From This Running Business

I think at this point when I start getting aches all over I need to rest up a bit. Yesterday I couldn't even finish my usual circuit. You know what'd cheer me up? A good game of half-court B-ball with some friends.

I miss playing basketball. I think the thing behind leaving behind an activity that you really enjoyed doing because you were just kind of tired, and then wanting to get back into the game, it's all a matter of putting things into perspective. Like, "what do I really want out of it"? That kind of thing.

Which is something I've been thinking about actually. A smart person told me not too long ago, that kids these days, we seem to make pretty hasty decisions about things. Like we kind of lack the foresight that justifies our next action. I have a thing with gut feelings that i tend to intersperse my intuition with my own insecurities and negative thoughts such that I end up doing things I may regret later on.

I'm not saying right now that I regret any decision I may have made recently or even a long time ago. Regret is wasted when we have our entire lives ahead of us. I'll save feeling sorry for myself when I'm really really old or bored or depressed. Point is, we just have to be cool about things, let them work their course and act with rationale and less impulsiveness.

Wow, I'm rambling again! Haha! I need to get out more!

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